Big Bend National Park – Day 3

Our last day in Big Bend we went to Santa Elena Canyon! This was really cool to see, again it’s right on the border of the United States and Mexico. IMG_3856-Edit-Edit

The kids loved playing in the river and skipping rocks! The weather also happened to be perfect this day! While playing in the river I saw something move out of the corner on my eye and realized it was a SNAKE. IMG_3863-Edit-Edit

That thing was pretty big and was probably right next to me and I didn’t even notice it haha. Thankfully it just slithered away across the river. IMG_3857-Edit-Edit

There’s a trail that follows along the edge of the canyon here too. You’ll get a bit wet so it’s a good place to bring river shoes if you have any.


That’s a couple pictures from the walk back, the views were awesome!


The kids played a bit more in the water and I took a ton of photos of the same view apparently lol. Afterwards we drove to a near by rangers station and ate lunch on their picnic table and then the kids turned in their Jr. Rangers packets and got a badge a patch! Definitely stop by one of the stations and pick up an activity book if you have kids along with you! Later in the evening we went back to the Rio Grande Hot Springs Trail and swim in the hot springs and river. It was a nice relaxing way to end our trip! We had such a great time on our first camping trip and can’t wait to do it again some time. If you have any questions about visiting Big Bend comment below!!


One of my favorite things about Texas!

I’m pretty sure bluebonnet’s are one of my favorite things about Texas! When we PCSed to here one of the things I KNEW we’d have to do before we moved away, was take photos of the kids in a bluebonnet field haha.




I didn’t get all four kiddos this year but I’m happy to at least have some of Addy and Cal 🙂IMG_9046-EditFBIMG_9074-EditFBIMG_9097-EditFBIMG_9105-EditFBIMG_9128-EditFBIMG_9111-EditFB

Fort Worth Stockyards

Last weekend after we picked up the little kids from my Dad’s, we stopped at the Fort Worth Stockyards to watch the cattle drive! Twice a day at 11:30 and 4pm they round up the cattle and walk them down the main road at the stockyards. A very Texas experience lol. While everyone always thinks all Texans are cowboys and farmers, I couldn’t even tell you the last time we saw a cow up and close. IMG_8693-Edit


I took the kids here years ago (back when there were only 3!) while we were in town visiting. Now that we only have about 10 months left before we PCS, I want to make sure we go and see all the places that we haven’t been yet. It’s a fun place to walk around, shop, eat and take in the local scene.

Off to one area you can check out the cows in their pin and get a closer look at them before the cattle drive.




About 10 minutes before the cattle drive, everyone starts lining the street.


The whole cattle drive part of our day took less than 5 minutes lol. But the kids had a great time and I definitely recommend it if you ever happen to visit Dallas/Fort Worth!

Bluebonnet Season!

Nothing says spring in Texas like bluebonnets popping up all over the place! This is most likely our last spring in Texas before we PCS (permanent change of station) to somewhere new. Cal and I went out looking yesterday for a field to take a few quick pictures in. Most of the time you will find bluebonnets growing on the medians by highways, not the most scenic or safe place to take photos haha. Thankfully we found this small field in an area where it was easy for us to get to. It’s pretty much a rite of passage to take yearly bluebonnet photos if you have young kiddos! And even though he totally wasn’t feeling photos yesterday, I’m not above bribing 😉 On the way home he got to pick out some chocolate as his prize! Love this sweet boy!IMG_8910-EditIMG_8927-EditIMG_8939-EditIMG_8945-EditIMG_8967-Edit

Playing Tourist!

One of our favorite things to do is get out and explore our duty stations! I absolutely love to visit new places and find local things to do wherever we get stationed. This duty station was a bit different for us because we got lucky and Brian got orders to where we both grew up. We both are from north Texas, Carrollton to be exact, so when we got orders to Plano 2 year ago we were very excited to move back “home” for a bit! The majority of our family still lives nearby which has been awesome for our kids. This weekend 3 outta 4 kids went to visit my Dad (Quinn was sick) which they love doing! Today Quinn was feeling better so we decided to head to Ft. Worth and mess around a bit. First we headed to Clearfork Food Park for lunch, which is filled with awesome food trucks! And then we headed over to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. There’s no admission cost to visit which is awesome! Definitely visit if you’re ever in the area!!


It was so fun to get to hang out with Quinn for a bit all on his own! We normally of course have all the kids and let me just tell you, going somewhere with one kid verses FOUR?! It was a breeze lol. IMG_8608-EditIMG_8624-Edit2IMG_8615-EditIMG_8626-EditSomeone was nice enough to offer to take a photo of the three of us, which was awesome! But an out of focus photo is what happens 99% of the time when I hand off my camera lol. IMG_8612-Edit

Then we headed into the Japanese Gardens which was beautiful! This part of the gardens does have an admission price. But Brian got in free for being military, which is always appreciated!


Bring quarters along with you and you can get food to feed the koi fish. These things will swarm to you when someone starts to feed them, pretty crazy!IMG_8655-EditIMG_8659-EditIMG_8663-EditIMG_8668-EditIMG_8669-EditIMG_8675-EditIMG_8678-EditIMG_8683-Edit

So glad we decided to check this place out today! The weather was perfect and it’s a very pretty park (especially since it’s FREE lol.)

First blog post!

Welcome to our little corner of the blogging world! I’m Kelly, wife to a Marine and mom to 4 rowdy kiddos! We are currently on recruiting duty near Dallas, TX and have been stationed here for 2 year. I’m not even really sure what this blog will be all about but I wanted a spot to share photos of my kids and our Marine Corps adventures! Thanks for stopping by 🙂