4 more years!

We’re still waiting on orders – tear – but yesterday Brian reenlisted! IMG_2963-Edit

These aren’t too too big of a deal anymore because once you’re past 10 years it’s pretty much certain that you’re in for the long haul! We’re at 14 years now, so this enlistment will take us to 18 years which is CRAZY to think about. The Marine Corps life has it’s ups and downs but for us, the ups far outweigh the downs. Here’s to 6+ more years of enjoying this wild and crazy ride!


Boone Hall Plantation

These last few weeks of summer vacation have been crazy busy! I have a ton of pictures to post but for now I’m posting a bit more from my Surprise Birthday trip for Brian to Charleston, South Carolina with some of our long time Marine Corps friends. One morning we decided to head over to Boone Hall Plantation – the one that they used while filming The Notebook!! It was beautiful!


Even just the drive down these line of oak trees was gorgeous! I’m absolutely in love with them and there were all over the plantation.


There was lots to do and see at the plantation, we took a tractor ride around the many acres of the property and toured the home. We also just walked around and explored the garden, old slave quarters, and walked near the water. If you’re ever in Charleston I definitely recommend checking it out!