Big Bend National Park – Day 1

Big Bend was even prettier than I thought it would be! The mountains are beautiful and we really loved our trip. We camped out at the Chisos Mountain campground which I had made reservations for about 4 months prior. This campground only takes reservations part of the year, so keep that in mind if you’re planning a trip there yourself. Big Bend is HUGE, like seriously it could take you almost 2 hours to drive across the whole thing. The Chisos Mountain campground is right in the middle and we definitely recommended camping there if possible. The Rio Grande Village campground is at the far east end of the park and you will be driving a very long way to a large majority of the sites and hikes. Even from the Chisos Mountain campgrounds we would have to drive 45+ minutes to the various hikes. IMG_9627-Edit

Right down in the middle is where we camped! I didn’t know how “in the mountains” we would be til we got there! We were literally right in the mountains and it was awesome. IMG_9641-EditIMG_9639-EditIMG_9632-Edit

The first day we arrived in the afternoon, set up camp and started dinner right away. Having never camped before I was a bit worried about cooking solely on a grill (no campfires are allowed at Big Bend!) We tried to bring as easy of meals as we could and thankfully they were all delicious and everyone was happy!


That evening we went to the Hot Springs Trail which was a nice easy trail to start with. We didn’t swim this evening but ended up going there our last night as well and swimming in the hot springs and the Roi Grande and it was so refreshing! Definitely a nice easy trail to head to if you have children!


At the start of the trail we saw these trinkets for sell that are from people across the border! So crazy! They “hide out” in a little hut right across the river and I guess come over every now and then to collect the cash. I’m sure the rangers don’t really want you to buy from them but the kids thought they were so cool and we did end up getting a couple on out last visit.

Still working through the rest of the photos but I’ll be back with more soon!