Happy 10th!!

Last week Grayson turned 10 years old! We spent the day doing things he wanted to do and he had a pretty great day – Jump Street, shark birthday party, presents and homemade cake – all while surrounded by family! (One huge perk to recruiting duty and being stationed by family!) He’s such a sweet kiddo and so much fun to be around. I love watching this kid grow up!

10 years ago, while I was on the phone with Brian who was deployed to Iraq, Grayson entered our lives!


A random collect of photos I could find 🙂


And then a quick one from his party! Love you buddy!



Boone Hall Plantation

These last few weeks of summer vacation have been crazy busy! I have a ton of pictures to post but for now I’m posting a bit more from my Surprise Birthday trip for Brian to Charleston, South Carolina with some of our long time Marine Corps friends. One morning we decided to head over to Boone Hall Plantation – the one that they used while filming The Notebook!! It was beautiful!


Even just the drive down these line of oak trees was gorgeous! I’m absolutely in love with them and there were all over the plantation.


There was lots to do and see at the plantation, we took a tractor ride around the many acres of the property and toured the home. We also just walked around and explored the garden, old slave quarters, and walked near the water. If you’re ever in Charleston I definitely recommend checking it out!


Happy 3rd Birthday Cal!!

It’s been slow around here because last week, I surprised Brian with a 35th birthday trip to Charleston, SC with our best friends! I have a ton of photos to go through and edit, which I’ll hopefully get to sometime this week. (Head over to instagram to get a sneak peek!) But first I want to show off a couple photos from this guys birthday!!


I can’t even believe he’s 3 years old, not sure how that happened so quickly! Cal is a sweet, rambunctious, lovable, talkative, our biggest handful and super cuddly little boy and I just love him to pieces!!