Palo Duro Canyon

A year ago today we started our week long road trip from Texas to Colorado! Our first stop was Amarillo, Texas which is home to Palo Duro Canyon, the second largest canyon in the United States. IMG_0957

This was one of our first hiking trips in Texas and we learned quickly that we were ill prepared for walking around a canyon in 100+ degree weather with 4 kids! We had no water, no snacks and as soon as started hiking we knew this hike won’t be lasting very long. It was a beautiful place though and I wish we had been a bit more prepared to spend more time in the park! Next time 😉


Those Texas Summers!

I knew it was coming. The incredibly hot summer weather that comes with living in Texas. The other day I was talking to someone about how June had been fairly mild as far as Texas June’s go – insert eye roll. I totally spoke too soon! July is coming in with a vengeance and we are having some hot hot days! We have a tiny back yard here in our rental house, so most mornings I take the kids to a playground somewhere to get their energy out before lunch time. Today we went to Haggard Park in old downtown Plano. It’s a nice green space, with a couple ponds and playgrounds for the kids that were really nice but we stayed all of 45 minutes before we were sweating like crazy and had to go. It’s a great walkable area, with shops and resturants right near by.


Now that we are on the countdown of our time left here in Texas, I feel like we are go, go, go trying to see as much as we can before we move. This happens everytime we PCS! It’s really one of my favorite things about moving. Living in a place for just three years really makes you get out and explore your own city and enjoy all it has to offer. Still no orders yet, but I’m hoping we’ll hear something this month sometime!


Dallas Heritage Village – Blue Star Museum

This weekend we visited the Dallas Heritage Museum!


I grew up in Dallas and had never even heard of this museum but it was one of the museums that military families can visit for free thanks to the Blue Star Museums program, so we figured we’d check it out. It shows what life would have been like here in Dallas back in the late 1800’s. Pretty cool really!


I just love this little girls spirit!


We were able to go into many of the buildings and see how they would have lived and man does it make you grateful to be born during a time when A/C is widely available!


I’m pretty sure the kids favorite part was this old school building!


We went on probably the hottest day we’ve had so far this summer. And the humidity was out of control! We could have spent a bit longer here but I was a sweaty mess and ready to get out of the heat. But I’m glad we checked it out!


Check out the other Blue Star Museums we’ve visited here – Bush Presidential Library and here – Cavanaugh Flight Museum!


Gunnery Sergeant Promotion Ceremony

Today Brian was promoted to Gunnery Sergeant! Such a fun day filled with seeing family and friends. We went to a local Veteran’s Memorial park to have the promotion and it was already blazing hot by 9am.


Brian’s last promotion to Staff Sergeant he was in Afghanistan, so it had been quite a while since I’ve been to a promotion. This time around he let the three big kids pin him! It was such a special moment for them! Cal wasn’t quite big enough to help and being honest he’s a total hooligan of a 2 year old and so there’s no telling what he would have done. But that just means Brian needs to get at least one more promotion so Cal can have his turn next time 😉



Afterwards, his bosses said such nice things about him! It’s always nice to hear your hard work being appreciated and I know Brian is really grateful to work with such great Marines.


Next up was pictures of everyone that came!


The guys who work operations.


Brian’s Mom and Dad.


His Aunt and Uncle, who also came to his boot camp graduation!


His sister!


Some of Brian’s hockey team!


Afterwards we went over to one of our favorite places for lunch and enjoyed some delicious Texas BBQ!


Such a fun day, so proud of his hard work and can’t wait to see where the Marine Corps takes us next. I know that was a bit of a picture overload, so if you made it this far – thanks!

Happy 4th!!

Happy 4th of July!!


I love the 4th of July! I love fireworks, hanging out with family, grilling out, sparklers, swimming at the lake/pool and all things red, white and blue! IMG_0677-Edit

Every year I try to get pictures of the kids with sparklers! Here in Texas that’s a bit harder because you can’t sell fireworks in the city limits and you have to drive pretty far to get out of town. We went to the lake this weekend to visit family and stopped along the way to get a couple packs on sparklers. Apparently I bought the world’s worst sparklers! We only got a couple of them to light and they lasted a whole 5 seconds!! But that’s ok, I’ll just reminisce and show y’all some of my favorite July 4th photos from years past 🙂


3 year old Addy in pigtails is pretty much my favorite thing ever!


And one of my all time favorite photos of Grayson!


Cavanaugh Flight Museum

IMG_0178-EditWe visited another Blue Star Museum today! Today I took my mom and the kids to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum down in Addison. I’ve heard of this museum but had never been before. I was excited to see it on the list of free museums that we could visit this summer!


It’s filled with so many cool old airplanes and helicopters! The kids absolutely loved it. Quinn read as many of the displays as Cal would allow and let us know all the cool facts about each plane.


Many of the planes are still able to fly and you can even carter a flight! How cool would that be?!


A fun way to spend our morning hanging out with Mimi! We hope to hit a few more of the Blue Star Museums while we can. With 4 kids and being a military family, we’ll take all the FREE we can get!


Fur Bearing Trout


Last year sometime, Brian mentioned that he wanted to start playing hockey. At first I thought he was joking! What 33 year old person just starts playing hockey?! Apparently my husband lol. I told him he was crazy, the last time he skated on ice he was probably 16! But being the annoyingly talented person that he is (meant 100% lovingly ha), of course he picked it right up and started playing with a team shortly afterwards. The games are normally at 9/10 at night and so I don’t typically get to go very often. But this past weekend I had my mom watch the kids so we could celebrate our anniversary a bit early and I could watch him play. My camera battery died pretty much minutes into me taking photos but I did get a couple thankfully!


He absolutely loves it and even our kids have gotten into it and play a bit of hockey now! His team name is Fur Bearing Trout which is apparently some sort of mythical creature, don’t ask me I’d never heard of it either. They’re a great group of guys, who most have played together for years and they’ve really been awesome to Brian and now I’m very happy my crazy husband decided to start playing hockey at 33.