Snaggle tooth!


It took her a while to lose her first tooth and now they won’t stop falling out! The bottom two went first and now she’s lost the two front teeth back to back. Kids always look hilarious to me when they have no front teeth!! Eating food now requires her to use her side teeth so her face is always messy – I love it!


Cutest little girl around!


The Halloween that almost didn’t happen

On Monday I truly thought that we’d have to cancel Halloween! Last Friday, Cal came down with the stomach flu, then on Monday three more of us got it and then Tuesday the last two got it. A house full of sick people is the worst! We’ve had lots of missed days at school and even work for Brian (which never happens!) The three little kids started to feel much better on Halloween but Quinn still wasn’t up to walking around trick or treating. So we took the little kids out around the neighborhood and had a great time!

Our little witch, Marine and a Star Wars character (no clue which one lol)


And yes, I know he’s wearing an army costume haha. But when you’re a family of 6 and you happen to find an army costume at once upon a child you buy it! Cal didn’t care lol.

Our neighborhood was awesome this year! So many houses decorated and passing out candy! The kids brought home all sorts of candy and even shared with their big brother since he didn’t go out with us – aren’t they sweet!


Preparing for a PCS

Since we found out we had orders (read here!) things have been busy, busy, busy around here with all sorts of researching! Researching which housing area to apply for – San Diego has a TON of on base and off base options, researching what schools the big kids would go to and since San Diego has the Choice program researching where we’d like to choice them to if we take that route, calling the Miramar School Liaison, calling around about preschools and preK for Cal, seeing what sports are offered on base and out in town and the list goes on and on. While I really do LOVE moving to new areas, this part is stressful! Trying to figure out all the options and then figuring out which option is the best to take is filled with so many what ifs. When you’ve never seen the housing area you’re requesting to live in, how are you supposed to know if it’s safe for your family or not? If it has the best school options for your kids?! Thankfully we used to live near San Diego when we were stationed at Camp Pendleton, so I know that we are going to LOVE the area and all that it has to offer. And I also know, that as always, things have a way of working out just how they’re supposed to. Soon enough, this move will be behind us and we’ll be enjoying the beautiful weather, beaches, delicious food, being just a couple hours away from my brother and his family! – and everything else that makes San Diego such an awesome city to live in!


Picture of La Jolla from Brian, Addy and my visit out to CA in 2016

We have orders!!

After waiting months and months to find out where we’re PCSing to, we finally have orders!! We’re headed too….


MCAS Miramar!! Back to CA and we couldn’t be more excited! After spending our first 7 years of Marine Corps life at Pendleton we are so, so pumped to get back to the area that we know and love. We told the kids yesterday and Adelyn was jumping up and down all over the place and shooting hoorayyy!! Adorable! The boys were pretty excited too 🙂

I’ve already started the process of looking at housing, schools and seeing where the best place to live. It’s a bit overwhelming and stressful but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I loved it too! San Diego is packed full of amazing things to see and do and getting to spend another few years of our lives there is a major blessing in my book. Can’t wait to get out there!

4 more years!

We’re still waiting on orders – tear – but yesterday Brian reenlisted! IMG_2963-Edit

These aren’t too too big of a deal anymore because once you’re past 10 years it’s pretty much certain that you’re in for the long haul! We’re at 14 years now, so this enlistment will take us to 18 years which is CRAZY to think about. The Marine Corps life has it’s ups and downs but for us, the ups far outweigh the downs. Here’s to 6+ more years of enjoying this wild and crazy ride!


This was a tough week. After the horrific shooting in Las Vegas earlier this week, my heart has been extremely heavy. So many people just experienced the worst day of their life and it left me feeling helpless. Wishing that things in our society would change but not knowing what needs to change, how to do it or even how one person could help make a change. It almost felt silly to me, to blog cute pictures of our kids or talk about any struggles we may be facing, when I’m still trying to wrap my head around how something like this could happen in our country. But I want to end this week on a lighthearted note, with something that makes me smile and reminds me of what’s most important in my life. These 4 kiddos. These four people, who I’m trying with everything in to me, to rise as good human beings. So this weekend I will put down my phone a bit more, say yes when they ask me to play with them and remind them of how much I love them.


Today we went to the Dallas Arboretum (it’s a teacher workday for our district!) I paid a whole heck of a lot more than I did the last time we went (pictures here) and the whole reason I paid an arm and a leg was to get a cute picture of my kids in front of the pumpkin. But life with 4 kids and more specifically our youngest Cal, just doesn’t make that easy. Here are a couple of the outtakes I got of the sweet rambunctious 3 year old….

Here he is being the rebellious younger brother that doesn’t want to stand by anymore…


Sticking his tongue out at me….IMG_2833-Edit

And intentionally turning his head away from me lol!IMG_2893-Edit

But regardless I’m glad I ended up with that one cute smiling picture up there and it made the outing worth it. Those 4 smiling faces are my WORLD (plus their awesome Daddy) and I’m so glad I get to do life with them. Off to enjoy our 4 day weekend!

Homemade tents and mismatched socks


I sure hope these are the memories that my kids have of their childhood.


The times after homework is finished and the chores are all done. When they ask for a snack and to watch cartoons and I say yes! And even one-up them by making a tent!


I hope they remember these moments and not the ones that at the end of the day I look back on and regret. Not the times where I get mad to quickly. Or when I yell instead of being calm. I think we all have them as parents or at least as Moms I know we do. It’s easy to look at people’s lives on social media and think that they have it all together. Sometimes I look at people’s photos and forget that that just shows a glimpse into their day. That they have struggles just like everyone else. But regardless of the moments I look back on and have “mommy guilt” about, I look back at these pictures and know that the majority of their days are filled with love and kindness. Giggles, snuggles and everyone always having mismatched socks! We’ve been talking a lot about extending grace to those around us and it’s something that I need to work on extending to myself as well. Love these kiddos to pieces and I’m grateful at the end of each day that I get to be their mommy.IMG_2772-Edit