Gunnery Sergeant Promotion Ceremony

Today Brian was promoted to Gunnery Sergeant! Such a fun day filled with seeing family and friends. We went to a local Veteran’s Memorial park to have the promotion and it was already blazing hot by 9am.


Brian’s last promotion to Staff Sergeant he was in Afghanistan, so it had been quite a while since I’ve been to a promotion. This time around he let the three big kids pin him! It was such a special moment for them! Cal wasn’t quite big enough to help and being honest he’s a total hooligan of a 2 year old and so there’s no telling what he would have done. But that just means Brian needs to get at least one more promotion so Cal can have his turn next time 😉



Afterwards, his bosses said such nice things about him! It’s always nice to hear your hard work being appreciated and I know Brian is really grateful to work with such great Marines.


Next up was pictures of everyone that came!


The guys who work operations.


Brian’s Mom and Dad.


His Aunt and Uncle, who also came to his boot camp graduation!


His sister!


Some of Brian’s hockey team!


Afterwards we went over to one of our favorite places for lunch and enjoyed some delicious Texas BBQ!


Such a fun day, so proud of his hard work and can’t wait to see where the Marine Corps takes us next. I know that was a bit of a picture overload, so if you made it this far – thanks!


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