Big news!! & the Waiting Game

This has been a pretty exciting week around here!! Monday was our 13th wedding anniversary, we had VBS this week, Grayson is on an Alaskan cruise with my MIL AND…..


Brian was selected for Gunnery Sergeant!!!!!

We found out on our anniversary when the “black list” as they call it was sent out to the Sgt Major’s. To say we are excited would be an understatement!!! He had been passed over before, for no real reason – he’s a pretty awesome Marine 🙂 but worked really hard this year by doing extra things to help him look good for promotion. So proud of him and grateful that he was selected!

So now the waiting game starts! We have about 7 months left here on recruiting duty and will hopefully be finding out soon where we’ll be stationed next.


Marine’s really don’t have too many different bases, all those red states are where the MC bases are located, plus Japan. I have a few places I’d LOVE to go to, but trying to be open to anywhere because Brian’s MOS is so small that we normally only get 2 choices. Sometimes NONE, just a – you’re going here! Fingers crossed for 2+ options and it being somewhere both Brian and all of us will enjoy 🙂


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