Fur Bearing Trout


Last year sometime, Brian mentioned that he wanted to start playing hockey. At first I thought he was joking! What 33 year old person just starts playing hockey?! Apparently my husband lol. I told him he was crazy, the last time he skated on ice he was probably 16! But being the annoyingly talented person that he is (meant 100% lovingly ha), of course he picked it right up and started playing with a team shortly afterwards. The games are normally at 9/10 at night and so I don’t typically get to go very often. But this past weekend I had my mom watch the kids so we could celebrate our anniversary a bit early and I could watch him play. My camera battery died pretty much minutes into me taking photos but I did get a couple thankfully!


He absolutely loves it and even our kids have gotten into it and play a bit of hockey now! His team name is Fur Bearing Trout which is apparently some sort of mythical creature, don’t ask me I’d never heard of it either. They’re a great group of guys, who most have played together for years and they’ve really been awesome to Brian and now I’m very happy my crazy husband decided to start playing hockey at 33.



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