Happy 13th!


Today’s our 13th wedding anniversary! Hard to believe it’s been 13 years since we said I do! I was 20, he was 21. Our story is much like other military couples, with a rushed wedding! We were already engaged and planning for a wedding the following summer after I graduated from college (go TECH!) But his unit told him he was deploying, so we decided to get married before he left – in two weeks. Ya… dropped that bomb on our families and somehow we got lucky and they were fully on board! Planning a church wedding in two weeks is no easy task but with the help of our parents we pulled it off. And like most things Marine Corps, things changed and he ended up not deploying right that moment like we thought! But I still had to finish up my senior year in college. Thankfully I was able to do one semester in Texas and then do my student teaching out in California. And the rest is history. 13 years married! So many moves, so many deployments, so many KIDS later and I still love this man with all my heart. I couldn’t have been more blessed with a better husband and I thank God everyday that I get to spend my life with him. ❤

Random pictures that I could find on my hard drive headed your way….




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