Thankful for programs like this!

IMG_9969-EditOver the weekend we visited the George Bush Presidential Library. And thanks to the Blue Star Museum program our tickets were free! From Memorial Day through Labor Day there are certain museums throughout the country that active duty members and their families are able to visit for free. This apparently has been going on for many years but I’d never heard of it til a couple months ago!

There are a handful of museums near by that we will try to visit but up first we decided to go to the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum. I’ve never been to a Presidential Library before so I wasn’t really sure what it would be like. It was thankfully much much more than a library and a very hands on museum that the kids loved.


The Portraits of Courage were one of the main reasons I wanted to visit Bush Library. The former president has hand painted 60+ portraits of veterans who have served since 9/11. It’s a very touching tribute to those that have graciously served our nation and to the many who come back with both visible and invisible injuries.


If you’re in Dallas I highly recommend checking them out while they are on display this summer.

The museum itself was all about Bush’s presidency. There were many exhibits that talked about 9/11 and the years following the start of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, so it was actually really interesting to Brian and I. And there were so many hands on things for the kids, they really loved it. I hope to get a chance to head back there – sans Cal – so that I can actually enjoy the museum a bit more rather than chasing that crazy 2 year old all over the place lol.


Thanks Blue Star Families for helping kick start our summer break creating fun memories!



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