Mini Marine Photoshoot!

This past weekend we were looking through boxes (that we pretty much hadn’t touched since moving from Camp Pendleton 6 years ago haha) and found lots of old photos of Quinn and Grayson as babies. Like actual 4 x 6’s, ya… remember when we all used to have to actually print our photos and not just look at them on our phones lol! Anyways, it was so much fun reminiscing and seeing younger photos of us all. You guys, we were babies having babies over here. We were SO YOUNG! But I came across some photos we had taken of Quinn with Brian’s Marine gear around him and I instantly knew I had to take photos of Cal this week! IMG_9835-Edit

I’m showing how moto I am over here, but good grief that kid is adorable!!


He saluted for me!! ❤ I could just eat this kid up I tell ya. He’s a keeper 🙂



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