We’re the lucky ones

I finally got around to styling these shelves yesterday and I got a little sappy while doing so ❤ It’s mainly just filled with knick knacks and pictures. Things that we’ve picked up along the way in our travels, Brian’s deployments, etc. And it got me thinking about how incredibly lucky we are to get to live this life. To get to roam around the country, changing our temporary locations every few years and getting to show our kids so many places in our amazing country. We love to travel and explore and we’ve already gotten to visit and LIVE in some pretty amazing places during Brian’s Marine Corps career so far. We try our very best to really get out there and enjoy every duty station and pack as many adventures as we can into the years that we’re stationed there. In the next few months we’ll learn where we will be stationed next and I can’t wait for the adventure that it brings. The excitement and nervousness is high right now, day dreaming about where we’ll end up. For as spontaneous as I like to be I’m also SUCH a planner when it comes to moving! But for now I’ll just work on our summer bucket list and try to plan a few more adventures here during our last summer in Texas.IMG_9791-EditIMG_9797-EditIMG_9803-EditIMG_9804-Edit


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