A little break from unpacking

We moved into our new house on Saturday. A couple work friends and family helped us move all of our stuff .4 miles away, which of course is nice since the new house was so close. But also incredibly annoying to have to literally pack up the whole house for such a short distance. Thankfully we’re getting to be pretty good at this unpacking gig and we’re 75% done with the house. The kids rooms are a bit of a mess still but we’ll get to it soon enough. So this morning Cal and I took a little break and walked to a playground that’s close by. The whole way he stopped and pointed at every.single. rollie pollie that he saw lol. I love that I’m able to stay home with the kids and enjoy these quick years before they start school. He’ll be going to preschool twice a week starting in the fall and while I can’t wait for the occasional quiet hours, I also will miss him like crazy!



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