Our 8th move

IMG_2951This week we’re moving into our 8th home together since getting married almost 13 years ago. The continuous amount of kids we kept having while leaving in Cali is responsible for 3 of those moves. But this one has me the most bitter because we only have 8 months left here on recruiting duty. Annoying! We rent our current house and the owners want to sell, we begged and pleaded to them to let us stay the remaining time that we’re here but they are just ready to get rid of the house. So after a couple stressful weeks of searching for another rental within the same school zones for our kids we found a house and will be moving this week!

The worst thing about this move is that we don’t rate a TMO move so we have to move ourselves. Whomp whomp. I hate hate hate packing! Just like I’m sure the large majority of people do as well, but man it’s such a pain. Whenever we PCS to a new base the Marines will either pay for a  company to move our stuff (TMO move) or you can do a DITY move and get reimbursed for moving yourself. We ALWAYS pick TMO when we have the chance lol. It’s pretty much the best thing ever. Hopefully everything works out with our next move and we won’t be packing ourselves up again lol.

But as much as it sucks to pack, honestly I love moving! Even just moving .4 miles away I’m pretty pumped to get to decorate a new house and it’s sort of made this last year on recruiting duty move along even faster. I can’t believe it’s already May and we should be moving somewhere new in January! We should be finding out where we PCS to sometime this summer hopefully. Fingers crossed we get to live in our next house more than 2 1/2 years which is our current longest streak!


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