Our first camping trip! – Big Bend National Park

We just returned home from our first ever camping trip! We spent three nights tent camping at Big Bend National Park in the Chisos Mountains and loved it! Going into it I wasn’t quite sure if we would survive or not but I’m happy to say not only did we survive but we’d do it again! I have lots of photos to go through and VIDEOS even (my favorites!) and can’t wait to share them all. For now, here are some pictures from their new Fossil Discovery Exhibit. The kids LOVED this place. It was actually the very first thing we did after driving into the entrance and I’m so glad we stopped to check it out. It was filled with information about what the park looked like millions of years ago and various fossils that were found in the park. It was also a page in the kids Junior Ranger packet that they had a blast filling out so another reason to stop by as well. If you’re ever at Big Bend, definitely stop by and take a little break from the heat and learn more about the park!IMG_9588-EditIMG_9591-EditIMG_9596-EditIMG_9598-EditIMG_9605-EditIMG_9608-EditIMG_9616-EditIMG_9623-Edit




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