La Jolla Cove

Saturday night we played tourist and headed over to La Jolla Cove to see the sea lions! IMG_4709-Edit

It was such a beautiful day I knew I wanted to spend it outside and take in some of the beautiful San Diego scenery. Along this area of beach sea lions and seals FILL the area everyday. They’re so used to seeing people that you can literally walk right up to them and they don’t even flinch.


Haha – they don’t smell the best!


We stuck around for sunset and then headed to a local pizza place for dinner. I see us spending many nights at the beach during our time here in San Diego. It never gets old watching a sunset at the beach!



We made it! Tiny base housing tour

We have arrived and are starting to get settled into life in San Diego! We got the keys to our house, our household goods arrived and the kids have started school. Brian still has about a week left of leave – which is awesome while getting this house all set up! This is a 4 day weekend for the kids so we spent yesterday at the beach. February at the beach?! I can definitely get used to this!


Being back in base housing is a bit different than we’ve been used to the last 6 years. Dark beige carpets, the smallest gallery kitchen you’ve ever seen – you’ll probably never see a picture of that on this blog, old outdated bathrooms! We thankfully were assigned the biggest layout available in our community but even still, walking into our house was a bit disheartening seeing how outdated and cramped we would be. But I’m trying to make the best with what we were given and thankfully the living room is coming along nicely and it’s starting to feel nice and cozy – and like home.


There’s one thing that I loved about base housing though – all the families and kids around! We’ve already had homemade cookies delivered to our door, met numerous neighbors and the kiddos have SO MANY KIDS around to hang out with. Very grateful to be back in CA and that our family gets to enjoy life out here for a few years!

Oh and while I have you – if you’re on instagram go follow my new account at – OurMarineCorpsAdventure!

A Christmas concert!

This year our oldest Quinn, joined his middle school orchestra and has been learning how to play the viola. (I played the viola for a few years in middle and high school, so it made my heart swell that he chose that instrument!) He’s had a couple concerts so far and it’s been really great watching him learn. Christmas eve, he asked if I wanted him to play some Christmas songs that he’d been learning for everyone. So after we went over to my mother in laws and before everyone got ready for bed, he played a little concert for us!


The kids loved it and we all sang along, such a sweet way to end Christmas eve!


Merry Christmas Eve!

All the shopping is done, most all of the Christmas presents are wrapped and we’re enjoying a lazy day before all the festivities begin!


A couple weeks ago I was trying to get our annual – in front of the Christmas tree photo – and let me tell you! The things we do to get that little one to smile lol. But I love this photo we got!

Here are a couple more of the kids through the years!


They’re so little!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and spend it surrounded by loved ones!

Annual Christmas Tree video

Every year for the past 5ish years, I make a video of us getting/putting up our Christmas tree! The tradition started in Virginia, when we used to go and cut down our Christmas tree every year and has continued here in Texas. This year while out Black Friday shopping, we ended up just getting a fake one from Walmart and it’s actually a great little tree! I also recorded the kiddos helping put up some of our Christmas lights outside – in t-shirts. Gotta love that warm Texas weather!

Christmas is such a magical time! We watch Christmas movies nightly, I try and pretend like I’m a baker and make holiday treats, we drive around often looking at Christmas lights  – love, love this time of year!


Marine Corps Birthday Ball!

This year’s Marine Corps Ball was SUCH a blast! This was our last ball here at RS Dallas and one of my favorite ones yet. We had our ball at the Filter Building on White Rock Lake in Dallas and stayed at the Magnolia Hotel nearby. We’ve never had a ball where the venue and hotel where at two separate places. I wasn’t thrilled about it at first but it turned out to be a really cool spot! The weather was perfect, which can be hit or miss in November in Texas, and so we were able to spend the cocktail hour outside. Enjoying a few drinks and conversations with friends – lovely night! I have a few photos from my phone, so they aren’t the best quality but I have to share so we can remember forever!


(one of the Marines Brian recruited!)16D0D28D-E055-480E-A238-606D8E827CDD380B21D9-DBA4-4B15-9755-167A103BDF6B7B8372A4-D39F-4E2B-A126-BC7CC859284A8F06A034-6B62-49A0-A051-504385F74BCAC47DFEB3-9082-4D24-91C8-EA9FE978741186E41972-07AB-44CC-B4A9-4136B7EE7293We’ve missed a few birthday balls over the years due to training and deployments, so I absolutely love the years that we get to go! Getting dressed up and celebrating Brian and his Marine Corps buddies always gets me emotional. Reminds you to be grateful for the time we have together and thankful to all those that have served! Happy 242nd Marine Corps!

Family photos!

A couple months ago, a local photographer that I had used once before, was offering a free mini session to local military and first responders on September 11th. I love her photos and quickly emailed to see if we could get a few of our family! I can’t wait to get these all over our house once we move to Cali – obsessed with them.