Kids Chase by the Lake!

The three big kids ran their first race this weekend!! Kids Chase By the Lake! The weather was cold and WINDY, and when we first arrived we were basically miserable lol. Considering it’s been in the 80’s most days this month our little Texas butts were frozen. IMG_3471-Edit

Personally, I don’t even slightly understand the appeal of races. You want me to pay YOU so that I can wake up at the crack of dawn and run?! Ya, no thanks. Maybe if they paid me, but even then it’s still a big maybe haha. They most certainly got this quality from their father! But they loved it! Cold weather and all they had an awesome time and said they’d do it again, so I call that a win. IMG_3497-EditIMG_3500-EditIMG_3510-EditIMG_3516-EditIMG_3528-EditIMG_3536-EditIMG_3551-Edit

It’s that time of year! – Thanks


I absolutely LOVE going to baseball games! I don’t even really like watching games on TV haha but something about going to the stadium and cheering on your team I just love! Thanks to VetTixs my husband scored free tickets to the Rangers game yesterday. If you haven’t heard of VetTixs and you’re an active duty military member or Veteran definitely check them out. We have scored tickets to local hockey, baseball and basketball games! It’s an amazing corporation.


It was perfect weather and the Rangers won with two runs, the kids were pumped! The 2 year old was a bit wild but that’s what we get for taking him to a game during nap time lol. Thankfully it was $1 ice cream day so we just loaded him up on snacks to keep him busy 😉

For more info on VetTixs click the photo below –
Tickets for Military and Veterans

How do you do it?! – Marine Corps Wife

Whenever people (non military people haha) find out my husband is in the military one of the first things they ask is – how do you do it?! How to do manage when he’s gone on deployments? How to you move every few years? The list goes on and on.

I really never know what to say other than – you just do it. There’s really no other option lol. I love my husband with everything in me and this is the life we’ve chosen. Did we plan on him being deployed 5 weeks after our oldest was born, no. Did we plan on him being deployed 4 months after returning home and missing the birth of our second child, no. Or did we plan on the Marine Corp giving us orders to Syracuse, NY for 11 months. Or buying a house and then 4 months later getting recruiting duty orders! That one I got to sell our house by myself with 4 little ones at home, Cal being just 3 months old, and was seriously was on the most stressful times on my life. We’ve had our share of oh sh!t moments when I was worried how we could manage. But you just get through it the best you can and survive. Again, there’s really no other option. You learn to be flexible and not make permanent plans. You learn to buy furniture that will fit in more than just your current base house. You learn to go with the flow and to be happy when the monitor gives you two choices when it’s time for orders rather than none! (Like the time we requested – Cali, NC or SC and they said how about Quantico, VA or Japan lol!) One thing I love about being a Marine Corps wife is that we’ve really learned to cherish and enjoy the times that we’re together. And in truth, I know there are plenty of real world spouses who go through their own share of issues and they handle them like a champ as well!! But there’s definitely something about being a military wife that you can only understand if you’ve been there. We’re 13 year into this gig and I am honestly so excited about seeing how the last half our time pans out. I love moving and exploring new places, meeting new people and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

One of my favorite things about Texas!

I’m pretty sure bluebonnet’s are one of my favorite things about Texas! When we PCSed to here one of the things I KNEW we’d have to do before we moved away, was take photos of the kids in a bluebonnet field haha.




I didn’t get all four kiddos this year but I’m happy to at least have some of Addy and Cal 🙂IMG_9046-EditFBIMG_9074-EditFBIMG_9097-EditFBIMG_9105-EditFBIMG_9128-EditFBIMG_9111-EditFB

Why I love living on base!


I miss living on base!!

It’s been almost 6 years and 3 duty stations since we’ve lived in base housing and I miss it so much! When we were stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA I couldn’t wait to move away and go somewhere new and buy a house. Not that I didn’t love living there (because I did!!) but after being there 6 years, I wanted the Marine Corps experience of moving around and getting to see new places. Well let me just tell you, renting AND buying a house while moving around every few years is NOT all that fun lol. I absolutely love moving and honestly I get the itch to move after just a couple years! But trying to find a house to rent or buy without ever stepping foot in it, BOTH of which we’ve done, is stressful. We should be getting orders in the next few months and I’m already daydreaming about where we’ll go next and what our house will be like and what fun experiences we’ll get to have – see!! Itching to move 🙂

Some people LOVE base housing and some people hate it. Some people like it at one duty station but not the next. Different things work for each family and that’s totally fine! But here are a few reasons why I personally ❤ it!

1. Living around other military families!

I love being surrounded by other families that understand the struggles that come along with being a military family. I feel like friendships just happen quicker while living on base. It's completely normal to meet someone and invite them over for dinner that night!! In the "real world" people would think you're crazy for doing something like that lol. Since being on recruiting duty and trying to make friends out here, friendships just seem to move slower. And when you only have 3 years somewhere, I need them to be my new BFF like instantly haha!

2. Base amenities!

The commissary, base hospital, movie theater, bowling alley, kids sports, etc. I loved being just minutes away from all of those things! Plus they're all cheaper than it would be off base. And seeing as we have a crap ton of kids, cheaper is better! When we take all six of us to a movie out in town it costs us $55 just for tickets alone. Plus popcorn and drinks and we've bought the DVD 4 times over. On base it'd only cost us around $15/20 for tickets!

3. Less bills!

I love not worrying about having to pay rent/water/electric (though that will vary base to base.) I know some of those you can set up direct deposit and yada, yada. But to me, just never even having to worry about, never having to move money around and just never even seeing our BAH makes my life easier. Having to find a house to rent under BAH, in a good school district, not too far from the hubby's work – stressful!

4. Closer to work!

When we were stationed at the Pentagon it would take Brian an hour to an hour and a half some days to get home from work!! Insane. Even here it takes him 30-45 minutes to get home depending on traffic. And I miss him being able to come home for lunch everyday! (I also just miss the fleet life schedule lol but that's a whole different subject) We lived about 15 minutes from B's work and many days he'd come home for lunch and the kids LOVED it!

Just a few of the reasons that we loved it and are hoping that we get to move back on base at our next duty station!